Every donation doubled this week:Midday 29 November - Midday 6 December

Please help us support young people to stay safe, engaged and inspired to avoid the tragic crossover of gang crime and grooming. We have been working within the social housing backgrounds of Camden, giving access to free music programs, mentoring and support in education in the music industry. There is a huge problem in London with adolescents being used for gang activities, please support today!

“I have been developing this project and working closely on the ground with our young people at risk. This program is proving to be fundamental in the work we do in supporting our youth, keeping them safe, giving them education, mentoring, giving our next generation a chance in life. Thank you!”
– Debbi Clark, CEO-Founder, HVH Arts

“I joined this program in the Summer, I love going to the studio every Saturday and Sunday and working on my beats, it has given me focus and made me feel safe and like I belong somewhere.”
– Eze, Age 14

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