HvH ARTS vision is to empower children and young people by giving them free access to highly skilled workshops in the arts.


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HvH ARTS WINS THE HAF AWARD 2023 (Regional and National)

HvH ARTS has won the Childcare Works Award for the HAF Government funded holiday and food program, recognising our charity for helping disadvantaged children during the holidays. We were recognised for our enrichment activities for young people and for using art to breakdown social isolation, supporting hunger by providing healthy nutritious meals and promote good environment and sustainability practices.


"Before HVH Arts arrived in Queens Crescent, we had nothing here"

“The area was so dark with nothing to do for children, every day was the same thing. I will never forget when Debbi opened the Art Foundation, it was a ray of sunshine which brought a huge difference to the community, families and our children. I absolutely adore and I speak for many families all the wonderful works HvH Arts is doing for our community”

Caroline Nalwoga

"The best fun ever!"

“I didn’t know that I love making an animation film so much. I was feeling very proud when my friends came to have a look and said cool it is. don’t want summer to ever end because it brings lots of different children together and I can make new friends and I really loved the lunch, we even had spaghetti bolognaise which is my favourite, and it was really good!”

Lewis, Age 10

"I didn’t even miss my PS4 all day!"

“Using the medium of graffiti as an artform, learning techniques and the creativity of sketching out designs, logos and collaborating with other young people I have not met before has really inspired me. I spent three weeks on the summer art project and didn’t even miss my PS4 once all day.”

Mohammad, Age 15



HvH Arts is a registered charity that facilitates a gateway to the arts for 5-18 year old children and young people by providing them with the inspiration and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions. More than ever, we need to support young people due to the current increased cost of living crisis. We need donations to enable to continue the work we do supporting our beneficiaries living in disadvantaged circumstances.

Your support is crucial to HvH Arts with the development, education and mentoring of our next generation of young people.

HvH Arts are proud to have been awarded a 3yr main grant from John Lyons Charity supporting our core costs. As a grass roots charity this is crucial to our growth and sustainability. THANK YOU on behalf of us all at HvH Arts.