The mission is to provide a gateway to the arts for 5–18 year old children and young people by providing them with the inspiration and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions through:

• Providing free after school clubs in various arts and media subjects at primary and secondary schools in England.

• Providing free out of school classes in various arts and media subjects

• Providing materials to our scholars and beneficiaries for use in the study of the arts.

HVH ARTS also provides primary and secondary state schools in England with arts-related materials and funds out of school trips and excursions.

• Providing out of school excursions and trips to events centred on the arts, including visits to art galleries, the theatre, exhibitions and places of artistic interest.

Providing vulnerable children and young people at risk by supporting them with

Recognising young gifted and talented artists by supporting our beneficiaries on ’The Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Scholarship’ a programme which concentrates on each and every individual scholar to develop their skills to a level to gain entry into colleges and universities in which we support them with our courses, resources and materials to enhance study in their chosen medium.

"My reason for starting the charity was to give the gift of art through inspiring young people. I wanted them to have the skills and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions and to be able to express themselves and gain confidence in all areas of their lives. As a photographer, I knew from personal experience the transformational effect of having a medium that I can express myself through – I wanted children to feel this magic too."

Debbi Clark
HVH Arts