HVH Arts is a registered charity inspiring a generation of young people by offering them a gateway to the arts. By funding after and out of school classes in primary and secondary state schools in England, the charity provides children with the inspiration and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions.

We are based at LSoM at Ludlow Basement, sharing a space in the artist’s studios and HVH ARTS Gallery, NW5. Our bases have become a hub in the community for young people and families to visit and benefit from.


View our AUTUMM 2021 COURSES

We will announce our next round of Free Courses shortly. We must ensure that we follow up on our courses by giving our young people access to the arts projects that we deliver to encourage and inspire our future generation.

Please take note of age groups according to course/workshops as this is important when enrolling your child/young person. Our courses/workshops are designed to inspire individuals who want to learn the incredibly exciting courses that we offer and therefore we design them accordingly!

You must complete the Enrolment Form online before joining any of our courses.


Please note COVID-19 guidelines will be strict and must be adhered to if enrolling for our Workshops.