At HVH Arts we have established a strong reputation for delivering high quality, large scale skills development programmes for young people from predominantly disadvantaged backgrounds. Our Youth ambassadors promote good mental health awareness, work with other young people on our progressive programmes in our Teenage Music Mentor Programme, HVH Arts Scholarship Programme as well as support our younger children in our after-school and school holiday workshops in art, photography, film and music. Our youth ambassador team is a dynamic team of volunteers who represent the charity in a number of ways. They offer young people an opportunity to share their concerns about topics that could affect their future and are advocates for their age group, wanting to implement change to improve society for young people.

Lily Dalley-Clark
HVH Arts Scholarship Youth Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador has continuously allowed me to improve and grow, simultaneously as a person and an artist. There are a plethora of opportunities offered by the foundation that are able to fit all niches of art through courses and workshops, that are led by inspirational and interesting people. The experiences of the foundation and being able to help children through the foundation is rewarding and humbling and I am honoured to be a brand ambassador of such an amazing organisation.

Emiola K Oke
Emiola K Oke
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I am currently an A level student studying Biology, Psychology and Business and looking to study Neuroscience and Psychology at university alongside my passion of acting. I joined the Sir HvH Arts Foundation when I was around 14 years old when I participated in a workshop regarding the regeneration of my area. From there, I met Debbi and found out about the amazing work and opportunities provided including one area which I focused on, photography. I attended classes in the summer and eventually was awarded a photography scholar award. I am so grateful to be a part of this organisation and I look forward to continuing my journey not only as a student but now as an ambassador.

Sienna Rackal
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I first joined Sir HVH Arts to further my knowledge and have a chance to use the amazing range of art materials at the Gallery. My interest developed and I attended courses in the holidays with some fantastic Art Tutors and completed work that I was very proud of. When I became a Youth Ambassador for the Sir HVH Arts Foundation, it was a very exciting opportunity to share the skills I have gained with younger students. I have now been awarded a Photography and Performing Arts Scholarship which has been a thrilling experience and furthered my interests even more. Having this opportunity allows me to showcase pieces of art using different types of media. It also helps me to develop leadership skills and builds my confidence skills which helps me to support other students at HVH Arts, at school and for my future career.

Miranda Barton
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I gained a UAL diploma in Art and Photography and am now doing a degree in Fine Art. I was able to share my skills and continue my creativity through volunteering at the photography workshop. I attended the workshops for a few years before I started volunteering, and it has been lovely to contribute to the organisation that has benefited me and others so much. Working with the younger generation is vital for creating a massive positive change, and I am elated by this opportunity.

Xander Russell
HVH Arts (TMMP) Music Youth Ambassador

I joined HvH Arts last year over the Summer of 2021 on the HAF program. I have really enjoyed being a part of the HvH ARTS projects and this year I have become a Youth Ambassador for Music. I have been supporting the younger group which is being developed now as a part of The Music Mentoring Project, I teach guitar to the group 8yrs to 12yrs and I support the older cohort with Piers and Spider. My passion is music and being a part of HvH ARTS programs have grown my confidence. I am proud to be a part of the Youth Ambassador board.

Luke von Herkomer
HVH Arts (TMMP) Music Youth Ambassador

I have become a Youth Ambassador for Music. I really enjoy working with the younger kids every Saturday teaching them keyboard and arranging music. I have been supporting the younger group which is being developed now as a part of The Music Mentoring Project. I like to be able to give my skills and time and inspiring my younger peers on the HvH ARTS programs. This has really given myself confidence and supporting the project in organising the music equipment and developing my own skills in teaching. I am very proud to be a part of the Youth Ambassador board. Thank you!

Danny English
HVH Arts (TMMP) Music Youth Ambassador

I started with HvH ARTS after I met Debbi at the Hall school where I did a Saturday club. She introduced me to photography and I have been doing courses with her since. When the TMMP band started I was playing saxophone and I have been with TMMP for the whole time that it’s lasted. I think Debbi is a great person who helps and nurtures children into having creative careers. I am a student at the BRIT school studying theatre and I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for HvH ARTS. I am honoured to be a part of this organisation.

Josh Bamgbose
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

Becoming an HvH Arts Youth Ambassador is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had so much support for my passion of acting and music. I can never be more grateful for the opportunity and experience I have had with Debbi and HvH Arts.
Thank you Debbi I really appreciate it.

Ondine Farlam
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

My first experience with HVH Arts was on the summer photography course in 2021. I had a great time developing technical skills, exploring the local area, and seeing my surroundings in a different way through taking photographs. I was also inspired by the wider environment of the charity and what Debbi is achieving in helping my generation discover their talents. In summer 2022, I was lucky enough to do work experience with Debbi ahead of the summer programme, which I helped schedule and was then able to take part in, both as a student and as an assistant. I really enjoy seeing the charity from both sides, and being involved has really helped my confidence. I am very proud to be a Youth Ambassador for HVH Arts, and helping to support other young people find their self-belief and voice within the arts.

Isi Klaber
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

Having volunteered as an assistant for an art project at HVH Arts, I was more sure than ever that inspiring creativity in both my peers and younger aspiring artists is so important to me and thanks to Debbi at the HVH Arts team, I feel very able to do so! I am an A-level student studying art as well as sciences and philosophy. I believe that my experiences as an art student and learning to think in a boundless and imaginative way, have made me the person I am today. I passionately believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn in such a way and push themselves and their ideas to extraordinary places. HVH Arts makes this possible for so many young people and that is why I am extremely proud to be a youth ambassador.

Giada Averna
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I started at HvhH Arts around 7 years ago, when I was in primary school. We used to do classes such as photography after school and it was there I found my passion for the arts. Since then, I’ve done courses including fashion, music, photography, graffiti, dance, drama, painting, illustration and more. I’ve made some of my best friends through HvH Arts and gotten some amazing opportunities like making our own short film, going on trips like to art exhibitions and meeting interesting and successful people. As part of the TMMP band I got the opportunity to record and release a song I wrote at Guy Chambers studio, working with Sam Sure.

Kyrah Lestrade
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I joined the Sir HvH ARTS Foundation when I was 14. I heard about the range of courses running through the Easter Holidays and immediately I wanted to get involved. I signed up for the music course completely unaware of how much the course would make a difference in my life. I met so many incredibly talented people and formed some of my strongest friendships and completing this course I went on to join the TMMP band that runs every Saturday at Pirate Studios. A world of opportunities opened up for me from taking just one course from the HvH foundation and I’m so grateful that I chose to get involved.

Joy Bakare
Joy Bakare
HVH Arts Music Youth Ambassador

The music mentoring programme has really helped me build my confidence. I am so grateful that I have learnt the art of producing and recording music, as well as really beneficial skills such as artwork, merchandising and lyricism. I have loved exploring professional ventures and ideas in music, which is my main passion. I could not be more grateful to Debbi and the rest of the team at HVH Arts for helping me build my profile. My aim is to eventually help and inspire young people to do the same through this programme.

Sophia Tavernard Thompson
HVH Arts Youth Ambassador

I study at the University of Brighton in fashion, communication and business. My first experience in a creative workshop was at HVH arts initially participating in their photography workshops. Now, Volunteering and supporting others I’ve had the opportunity to help children through the multitude of different opportunities offered by HVH arts and I found there is no better feeling!
HvH Arts has always been such a warm and creative space. I look forward to continuing my time here.

Nicole Moir
HVH Arts Mental Health Awareness Youth Ambassador

I love being a brand ambassador as I feel that it’s a great opportunity for myself and young people’s voices to be heard through the community. I feel a lot has been taken from young people. As an example, the youth clubs, play centres and nurseries are closing down but the issue that has been raised the most is the major cutbacks on youth funding programs. I have a passion for photography and singing/ song writing so I have an artistic background. I love meeting new people and learning new skills and enjoy working in a team. I look forward to and hope to make a change.

Frederica Gavin
HVH Arts (TMMP) Youth Ambassador

Throughout the music mentoring programme, I have been really inspired and have learnt so many new skills including music production which I have really become confident with. The course has given me confidence to apply for college as well as being able to access training opportunities with Debbi [CEO]. I’ve been able to create my own brand, my own merchandise and I’ll be able to develop my own website too! The programme has really supported me in my future and I am so grateful to be representing the course as an ambassador.