Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Scholarship Programme

At HVH Arts we have a unique scholarship programme that aims to nurture and support particularly talented young artists. We recognise brilliance in some of our young people and every year we award students who have shown great vision, unique skills and talent, hard work and exceptional commitment to the arts. These students might not be able to gain this kind of recognition from their schools and we think it is extremely important to recognise their contributions to further nourish their self-esteem, growth and progression in the arts.

Scholars receive extra classes and tuition to really hone their craft. They receive 1-to-1 mentoring from professionals in their field and given additional teachings to help them continue with their passion.


Photography and Film Sadie Frost

Photography & Film

Sponsored by Olympus
Ambassador - Sadie Frost

This year our sponsors are OLYMPUS for our photography and film scholarship programme sending us 14 cameras as well as donating £6000 to our state school projects supporting our scholars Being young gifted and talented in photography and film .Our ambassador Sadie Frost has been mentoring our film scholars on our next short film documentary ISOLATION STORIES.

Scholarships Hands Art


Supported by prolific artists:
Nina Mae Fowler, Zoe Grace

We are incredibly lucky to be able to support our art scholars with prolific artists who come and deliver workshops to our scholars as well as giving one to one tutoring. We have the benefit of recognised galleries such as Alon Fine Art, Mayfair and DADIANI, Cork St and auction houses CHRISTIES supporting us with tours and artist talks, to increase development in the chosen medium of our scholars in the Arts.


Ambassador - Iris Law

Our young designers on the scholarship programme have the benefit of unique one-to-one sessions with ambassadors and mentors. They learn specific discipline, get exclusive access to shows and have special guidance to help inspire and further develop their talent.

Performing Arts

Ambassador - Frances Ruffelle

Our performing art students have access to theatre, drama and dance shows to support their discipline of their performing arts scholarships. Our ambassador Frances Ruffelle personally mentors our scholars to develop their talent.

Events and awards ceremonies

To celebrate the significant contributions of our scholars, we regularly hold award ceremonies. At HVH ARTS, we believe it is vital to recognise the achievements of our young artists. It is an excellent way to boost a young person’s self esteem by displaying their work for their peers and families to see.

We hold gallery exhibits for our artists and screenings for our film scholars. The events are always a fantastic way to witness the amazing talent of the young people, and document how far they have come. We love to celebrate at HVH ARTS and to hold these events in honour of our young people, demonstrates to the community how we view young talent and local minds- Something to celebrate!