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Spring StudiosHalf Term Week

With photographer Debbi Clark and editor David Barton

This was a photography workshop produced over HALF TERM and was a workshop sponsored by SPRING STUDIOS, giving us exclusive use at their studios, providing lighting, flash lighting and giving us access to their fantastic studios for this course. We created a model board for all our young people taking part in this project, creating a model agency style board to tutor our young photographers in directing, lighting, art direction, portraits, fashion photography, commercial style photography. We produced images, collaborating together as a young community project, evolving and mentoring our young people to develop their skills and giving them opportunities.

Photography/ Media Project

With Debbi Clark, Jude Wack and Jas Stephenson

We produced a world class photography project with the brilliant photography tutor Jude Wack and Jasentina Stephenson on OLYMPUS EPL-8 cameras. Guest photographer Debbi Clark supported the young people who were taken to Kentish Town City Farm to explore Seasonal Change, Animal portraiture, Wildlife, Planting, Vegetation and People in focus! We are very fortunate to have access to Kentish Town City Farm creating an incredible calendar featuring the wonderful animals.

Access all Areas

With photographer DEBBI CLARK, Fashion stylist STEPHEN HAMILTON and Make Up Artist BUSTER KNIGHT

This project was a chance to see how the professionals work in the eclectic fashion/editorial world of Fashion. We gave our young people the insight of how they can style and create a look for their own fashion shoot. We created a fashion set and shot ideas with photographer DEBBI CLARK giving support to our young people using the OLYMPUS EPL-8 cameras. One of London’s top MUA’s came to us at HVH ARTS to teach our young people a fantastic workshop in the art of make-up! Buster Knight works in Fashion and Editorial, a highly regarded Make-Up Artist working his magic on celebrities and models. Debbi Clark collaborated, teaching portrait photography with our young people to show their creativity in this make-up workshop.

Street Photography

With Olympus photographer Jay McLoughlin and Debbi Clark

Young people engaged with Street photography Olympus Fashion photographer Jay McLoughlin, ambassador of Olympus coming to teach our young people the art of street photography. On this workshop we explored the buzzy community market of Queens Crescent and the surroundings in Gospel Oak and Kentish Town using the fantastic cameras sponsored by Olympus on the EPL8’s using the 17mm to 45mm lens. Young people learnt how to master a street photography setting to produce quality photography.

Filming Projects

Where We LiveShort Documentary

A PROJECT in partnership with London Borough of Camden with The Regeneration Team West Kentish Town.

The young people directed, filmed, narrated, edited and produced this video on our summer project 2019 this year at our pop-up gallery. The remaining part of the project was funded by THE ARTS COUNCIL and was hosted by TCV with funding by the Peoples Health Trust in CAMDEN.

Queens CrescentShort Film Documentary

Our young people wrote, filmed and presented a short documentary on Queens Crescent, supported by funding from BGC CHARITY DAY. RANKIN studios came along and donated their time, their professionals editing and teaching our young people the art of making a short film. This documentary was produced using our EPL-8 cameras sponsored by Olympus and the support of RANKIN studios and Debbi Clark Photography, all of whom donated a week of their time for free to support this project giving our young people an insight into the world of film making. Without the support of all of our sponsors on this project, this would not have been possible. Thank you, Olympus, RANKIN studios, BGC CHARITY DAY, Debbi Clark Photographer and Sam Sure.

Made in CamdenShort Documentary

This project worked in partnership with Debbi Clark CEO and Founder of HVH ARTS giving young people within the community of Malden Road, Gospel Oak and Queens Crescent a course to design and make a range of t-shirts celebrating their own cultural heritage. During this project our young people were given an inspirational tie dye workshop by Iris Law. The Project was funded by CAMDEN ALIVE, giving all the young people a chance to show their collections at their own fashion show at The British Museum. This fantastic film was made by the young people from HVH ARTS being led by Debbi Clark and Luke Mapo. This documentary was created on Olympus EPL-8 donated by OLYMPUS UK.

Dimensions Project

In partnership with Greenhouse Sports.

Our aim was to increase the Dimensions of our Inner City Youth. Currently, both Greenhouse Sports and HVH ARTS run educational programs aimed at developing the skill sets of their young people. Greenhouse Sports is one of the leading Sports coaching and mentorship charities in London, whilst HVH utilizes its access to London's elite in music and drama via access to bespoke theatre and music programs.

When Two Worlds Collide

A trailer to our short film "When Two Worlds Collide".