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With artist Jebet Mengech

Artist Jebet Mengech joined us for a wonderfully unique four-day course where we created large scale monuments to memorialise young people’s experiences of the past 14 months.

Young people built, cut, painted, collaged, sculpted and created windows in and portholes out of mystical, magical monuments.

We looked at how humans have created monuments across cultures and throughout history. How the creation of mystical or magical characters or powers are used to survive the journey.

Our young people were inspired by Totem Poles of the First Nations and indigenous peoples of the Americas to Neolithic stones circles, standing stones and dolmens, Maoi of Easter Island, statues of real and mythical beings.

Art with Nina Mae Fowler

With artist Nina Mae Fowler

Artist Nina Mae Fowler makes a guest appearance to give our very lucky young people a serious workshop in the arts. We will learn techniques in the art of drawing, sketching and watercolours.

Nina has exhibited at National Portrait Gallery, as well as many iconic galleries showing off her art.

This is a huge opportunity for aspiring young artists. This workshop inspires our young art scholars and young people in our community who have a passion for the arts.

Fluid Art

With the amazing Zoe Joseph

Zoe is back to give her incredible skills in the teaching of Fluid Art. Create your own canvas learning the technique of Fluid Art. Explore your creativity whilst having lots of fun in this fantastic workshop.

Students make unusual and rare pieces of art that they can take home and be proud of.

Art Workshop

With Louise Adjei

Louise Adjei, our brilliant artist /tutor is back with us to teach the art of Graffiti. She explores the use of shading and the tricks of shadows to demonstrate that graffiti art is more than just a spray can! All students will create their own canvas and get the chance to add their vision to create their designs on their own t-shirts and denim using textiles with graffiti paint.

Drawing into Painting Course

With Peter Blundell

This course, taught by Peter Blundell regards drawing to be fundamentally about line and painting to be concerned with colour.
Students worked towards making their own paintings and drawings in self-portraiture and still-life.

As they developed an understanding of the processes involved, they are able to articulate the decisions behind their creations.


In partnership with LSOM

London School of Mosaic supported us with a course with our young people learning the arts of mosaic which is free to all our students and families. Collectively we designed and created a mosaic mural to decorate the surrounding walls outside the studio to brighten the space. This was a great opportunity to unite local children and community artists.

Art Workshop

With Zoe Grace

Prolific British Artist Zoe Grace (ambassador at HVH ARTS) supported our young people on an ART workshop creating positive affirmations by teaching the art of stencilling, creating meaningful words with paint. She takes much joy from shining positive affirmations into people’s lives and it shows in these pieces which are uplifting and supporting in their messages.

Mixed Media Arts

With Iyla Shah

Our brilliant volunteer Iyla created a wonderful class for our young people, experimenting with mixed media. Young artists had free rein to explore their creativity with a huge variety of paints and fabrics.

The result was a huge explosion of colour and expression across a canvas. They were thrilled to use festive stencils to create their own gift cards for friends and families. We love to see creativity like this from our young people.